E-Business Giant Hindered by GEO

It’s Amazon’s turn to have imports seized at the border by the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“Customs”). Inc. was attempting to bring Aftermarket inkjet cartridges into the country that allegedly infringe the 337-740 General Exclusion Order (GEO).Based on the recommendation submitted by the C... +more

946 2016-03-11

Entry of Certain Ink Cartridges Denied

Ovacor, Inc. and JD Johnson, which are based in Florida and New York respectively, have been issued seizure and forfeiture orders while attempting to import ink cartridges into the U.S.A.The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (“Customs”) has denied the entry of the products intended for the two companies because t... +more

897 2016-03-10

Katun Denies Infringement, Toshiba Objects

Katun has provided 81 responses to the Central District Court of California specifically denying it has committed any acts of patent infringement as alleged by Toshiba.Previously, in December 2015, Toshiba America Business Solutions, together with its co-plaintiff Toshiba TEC Corporation (collectively “Toshiba”), filed... +more

888 2016-03-04

HP Addresses Counterfeit Threat in UK

HP is helping its resellers in the UK to be able to identify fake consumables after having 2,000 counterfeits seized in the UK market.According to Neil Sawyer, HP’s channel sales, education and SMB director for UK & Ireland, counterfeit raids in the consumables market is a priority for HP Inc. this year. Recently, ... +more

1044 2016-03-03

Seizure and Forfeiture Order Issued Against Ink Cartridges

Florida-based MC Max, LLC and California-based OW Supplies Corp., have both been issued separate seizure and forfeiture orders on February 18 following their respective attempts to import certain ink cartridges and components into the United States that violate a standing General Exclusion Order, or GEO.The U.S. Bureau... +more

864 2016-02-23

Three Companies Issued Seizure and Forfeiture Orders

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has issued separate seizure and forfeiture orders against three companies for their attempts to import inkjet ink supplies and components that violate the General Exclusion Order (GEO) related to the 337-TA-723 investigation.The companies include the Georgia-base... +more

860 2016-02-23

Inkjet Ink Supplies and Components Seized Again

Inkjet ink supplies and components are the subject again of seizure and forfeiture orders for violating the General Exclusion Order (GEO ) related to the 337-TA-691 investigation.This time, the California-based company OW Supplies Corp is the subject of the issue. The U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (... +more

950 2016-02-23

En Banc Decision Certainly to Be Appealed at Supreme Court

The patent attorney leading the case in the US Federal Circuit over patent rights after first sale has told RT Media, "We Lost --for now!"The historic full bench hearing that was examining the future of the current Jazz Photo law relating to rights after foreign sales, and the Mallinckrodt law relating to pre... +more

870 2016-02-16
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